Guest Lecture at GUI on 13-Dec-2021

Join me on December 13, 2021 for my guest lecture on "Innovation Management – Metrics and Success Factors" at the German International University in Berlin (GIU) in Berlin for senior-year students of Dr. Rasha Saad Hassan specializing in Innovation from Berlin/Germany and Cairo/Egypt.This lecture addresses key aspects of innovation management, intrapreneurship, as well as product … Continue reading Guest Lecture at GUI on 13-Dec-2021

Join The German Startup Conference 2021

Bridging the Atlantic, this *FREE and VIRTUAL* conference connects Germany's startups preparing to enter the U.S. market with entrepreneurial and innovation hubs in Silicon Valley and throughout the United States. Join me on October 26, 2021 - I look forward to your questions during the panel discussion of the Silicon Valley section!

HBR teaching case study features Stephan Klaschka as corporate innovator

The HBR teaching case study ‘Boehringer Ingelheim: Leading Innovation’ features Stephan Klaschka's corporate career as an innovator at Boehringer Ingelheim and is taught by business schools and universities around the globe (America, Europe, MENA, Asia-Pacific).

‘How Did I Get Here?’ (podcast interview)

If you ever wondered 'How Did I Get Here?' (link) - This is a recent interview Stephan Klaschka gave that may be helpful if you are starting your career. Listen to this short podcast interview series by Jason Fish on - listeners can also find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many other listening platforms. … Continue reading ‘How Did I Get Here?’ (podcast interview)

Stephan Klaschka transforms Pharma Reps to become Digital Managers

Stephan Klaschka discusses the digital transformation of pharmaceutical field sales and how it impacts the entire organization and staff. (in German)

Melanie Klaschka explains Corporate Housing Market for Scandinavia (in Finnish)

In a recent interview with the Finnish industry outlet Media Planet 'Businessopas,' Melanie Klaschka, Executive Consultant with Klaschka&Co, explains the corporate housing market for a Scandinavian audience

NEST founder reflects on social impact of technology

Deceivingly, we feel part of a virtual community across the globe but lose contact with the person right next to us, be it a family member, a friend or a stranger. Did the devices bridge the gap between humans or create a new gap?  It is the latter.